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Obviously, our vacation is permanent. I just can't bear to close this page. It represents one of the greatest times in my life, and it's comforting to be able to pull up this page and remember what it was like to be hot shit, even if it was only in my own mind. For those of you who never knew, Rodney was the who set up all the gigs, made us practice, and did all the driving. All I ever did was carry my little cordless mic and get drunk as I sang. Thanks to Tony for letting me come along for the ride.

          Eddie Trash

What To Expect From O-Face

O-Face does fun musical covers from the 60's to today that is meant for the person who really wouldn't know good music if it hit 'em in the face. We play quite a few songs well and many, many songs half-assed.  Don't forget the O-Face motto, "Quantity over quality!"

Anyway, don't forget to hire O-Face for your backyard BBQ, birthday party, "I got aquitted party" or just if you get lonely and want a musical duo to play for you in your living room. Come on out and have fun with us!

Welcome To The O-Face Fan Page!!!

Rodney Phlegm & Eddie Trash love to entertain you with their own style of acoustic music wonderment to get drunk by! Please check often to find out where we are. If you have any suggestions on where we should be (local bar, your backyard for one of our highly entertaining private parties, store opening, school fundraiser, USO show...) please let us know.

Cleanshaven O-Facers!



The Origin of O-Face

O-Face has been playing in one form or another for almost ten years. In 1995, Eddie Costello & a friend stumbled into the Clarion bar looking for a game of pool, and ended up in the middle of an introduction to Rodney Phlegm and a few others that turned into the formation of One Man's Trash. A four years stint with what was arguably the sloppiest garage band sent all of the members running in different directions. A few years later, Eddie Costello (now dubbed Eddie Trash) finds his bags packed and ends up in his hometown only to find Rodney Phlegm still strumming on that guitar doing his brand of musicial comedy. After about ten minutes of practice, the two pioneers of the "it kinda sounds good" musicial movement have decided to hit the scene with their brand of acoustic covers that sound perfect as long as the patrons are so drunk that standing is an endevour unto itself.

 people can't be wrong! Go see O-Face live!!!



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